Mutiversity Housing Partners (

Mutiversity Housing Partners ("MVHP")

MVHP is the parent company for the following subsidiaries: (a) MVAPM ("Multiversity Asset and Property Management" Services); (b) MVHP Marketing and Design Services, and; (c) MVHP Consulting.


MVHP presently focuses on the acquisition (core plus, value-add and opportunistic) of market rate apartments, workforce housing, and student housing. Furthermore, MVHP also pursues opportunistic acquisitions (distressed properties) and land (opportunity zone) for the development of multifamily. MVHP has offices in the Washington DC MSA (corporate headquarters) and Pittsburgh, PA.

 MVHP focuses from Pittsburgh over to Philadelphia and then on East Coast markets down to Florida for apartments/workforce housing, and opportunity zone and land plays; and purpose-built student housing located at universities with 15K+ students or more (in locations throughout the U.S.).

 Over the last 8 years, MVHP (and affiliated companies) has owned 11 apartment properties in markets along the East Coast, and 16 student housing properties (with a total value in excess of $1.5 Billion). 

MVHP is a seasoned partner in venturing with institutional, commingled fund, and high net worth investors to acquire multifamily properties that meet or exceed pre-set goals for current yield and overall return. MVHP simply seeks investors that want to share in our success in acquiring, managing, and then selling multifamily and purpose but student housing for outsized returns. 

TO BE A TRUE FIDUCIARY and provide true service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
  • MVHP has acquired 17 properties with a capitalization value of over $1.3 BILLION.
  • To date, MultiVersity Housing Partners has received an average annual Cash Yield of 10.75% with a 18.75% IRR and multiples of 2.4x for the student portfolio.
  • We instill a "think like an owner" mentality in all of our associates, so that each property is run like its own business.

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