Company Overview

MVHP Properties (“MVHP”) is an existing company controlled by Christopher Feeley and other investors to acquire multifamily properties, with a focus on private, purpose built student housing and market rate and workforce housing.

MVHP acquires Core Plus, Value-Add, and Opportunistic multifamily as well as land for development. MVHP has existing, long-standing relationships with multiple institutional, investment fund, family office and high-net-worth investors. The executive team has existing relationships with over 200 investors with whom MVHP has interacted with before on previous acquisitions (attempted or realized).

MVHP also has long-standing relationships with numerous lenders, including completion of over $700 million in debt with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Market Rate Apartments

The acquisition of Class A- to C+ grade market-rate apartment properties. We will only buy C+ grade properties that are located in A- to B locations and require a major redevelopment and repositioning. Seeking Core+, Value-Add, and Opportunistic/Development acquisition opportunities.

Workforce Housing

The acquisition of LIHTC or older regular market-rate apartment properties that cater to moderate to middle-class residents. MVHP is seeking Value-Add and Opportunistic/Development acquisition opportunities

Lot/Home Development for Rent

The acquisition of between 10 and 100 lots at various levels of approval for the development of Townhome ("TH") and Single Family Residential ("SFR") for rent.

Student Housing

The acquisition of purpose-built student housing properties located in Tier 1 and high Tier 2 university markets. MVHP is seeking to acquire Core+, Value-Add, Distressed, and Opportunistic opportunities in this category.

MultiVersity Housing
Partners: Mission

MVHP’s mission is to become the recognized leader in its targeted markets for property management services. The guiding principal of MVHP is to treat each property as its own, and to remember that each property is its own individual business first and foremost.

MVHP operates with a total focus on its managed properties and owners/customers. MVHP provides a solid offering of services that fit the needs of today’s resident (whether a resident in a market rate apartment or student housing property) while at the same time focusing on owner requirements and expectations.

MVHP’s services are tailored to the specific requirements of each property and client. The primary focus is to provide a boutique approach to property management for each individual asset. Most property management firms these days, do not pursue a collaborative approach with property owners in managing and overseeing the asset. MVHP wants to work with pro-active owners, to achieve owner and investor goals and returns.

MVHP shall provide responsive and professional property management services. Senior management and every single employee of MVHP is held accountable for achieving such goals and providing excellent propertymanagement services. We hope and expect our owners and clients hold MVHP accountable on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

MultiVersity Property Management (“MVPM”)

Are you a property owner/investor that feels as though your asset is being neglected by current third party management? Read below to learn what MultiVersity Property Management (“MVPM”) can do for you. MVPM is a separately owned subsidiary of Multiversity Housing Partners (“MVHP”)

MVHP’s team has the skill and knowledge to evaluate a potential property acquisition or development, and provide the property management expertise to meet property goals while maximizing value.

MVHP works closely with each owner/client to identify appropriate property management needs and initiate creative innovative solutions to maximize property marketing and economics, as well as short and long term goals. General and Specific Services such as the following can be provided by MVHP.

MVPM, Is Available To Provide The Following Services

  • Consulting
  • Construction/ Renovation Project Management
  • Hiring/Training/Staff Development
  • Property Due Diligence and Inspection
  • Lease Up
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Complete Marketing Platform
  • Budgeting Solution
  • Student Housing Turn Management
  • Asset and Property Management
  • Property Security Assessment
  • Vendor Review and Recommendation
  • Contract Oversight and On-Site Personnel