Housing Property Experts

Being owners ourselves, we have the highest regard for our investors and take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.

  • MVHP has acquired 17 properties with a capitalization value of over $1.3 BILLION.
  • To date, MultiVersity Housing Partners has received an average annual Cash Yield of 10.75% with a 18.75% IRR and multiples of 2.4x for the student portfolio.
Cash Yield Annual
IRR Annual

An Expanding Portfolio

Our success is reflected in the ever-increasing size of our portfolio. We’re always looking for new opportunities to leave our mark in the market.

Student Housing

With a wide range of student housing properties being added to our portfolio every year, MultiVersity Housing Partners is well-positioned to continue being a key player for years to come.

Multi-Family Homes

Providing quality living experiences for families is only the beginning. Our properties go above and beyond in offering a sense of community and belonging.

TO BE A TRUE FIDUCIARY and provide true service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.